2015 latest Electric Heated Glass Door for Refrigerator

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Freezer Parts
Place of Origin:
Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Hua Ying
Model Number:
electric heated glass
Temperature Range:
+5°C, -25°C
10 pieces
50000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week
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Sea-worthy standard wooden crates with interlayer papers
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In 2 weeks after payment confirmation

Electric Heated Glass


Electric heated glass consists of a double glazed unit of which one pane has a thin metal oxide coating connected to an electrical power source using electrodes. These electrodes run along each side of one of the panes making up the sealed unit. When switched off, the glazing behaves as standard insulating glass. When switched on, the conductive coating converts electrical energy into heat. Depending on the intended use, the conductive coating can be applied to surface 2 or 3 of the pane (see figure 1)so as to radiate heat to the interior or exterior of the room.





  • Comfort : Because the temperature of the interior pane can be adjusted close to room temperature, Electric heated glass eliminates the discomfort often felt near cold glass. Electric heated glass also eliminates the thermal radiation and convection that creates the sensation of a cold draft. This means that you won’t need to raise the room temperature to feel comfortable next to a window when it’s cold outside.
  •   Heating : In temperate climates, Electric heated glass can be an effective heat source, alone or along with another type of heating such as radiant floor heating system or convection heaters.
  •   Condensation and Frost Control : Condensation on the inside of windows occurs when their temperature is below the dew-point of the air indoors. When damp indoor air cools, it reaches the saturation point. This is the dew-point of air indoors. If the window surfaces get colder, the moisture in the air condenses on the cold surfaces in the form of water that will become frost if the temperature drops below freezing. When kept above the dew-point of air indoors, Electric heated glass completely eliminates condensation and frost on inside panes.
  •   Snow Control : By placing the heated side to the exterior of the sealed unit, Electric heated glass controls snow and ice build-up on sloped glazing.
  •   Safety : Electric glass is tempered, heat strengthened or laminated for greater impact and thermal shock resistance. The conductive coating is sealed inside the double-glazing to prevent short circuits in case of water infiltration and to protect occupants from accidental contact with the electrified surface.
  •   Energy Consumption : Tests conducted in a bi-climatic room by the Energy Technologies Laboratory (a Hydro-Québec research institute) the use of heating glass as a supplementary heat source does not lead to appreciable additional energy consumption because the cost of use is offset by the savings from lowering the room temperature. Used with low-e on the exterior side, heat is reflected inside. Heat loss to the outside is equivalent to that of a regular sealed unit. Tests have also shown that when the glass is kept at 24°C (75°F) and the room temperature is 20°C (68°F), Electric heated glass delivers a heat gain of 50 watts per square meter (4.6 w / p2).
  •   Easy Installation : Electric heated glass consists of a sealed unit along with a length of electric cable extending from one extremity. Like a conventional insulating glass unit, the heated glass is installed by a glazier, and its electric connection must be done by a master electrician.
  •   Easy Maintenance : Electric heated glass requires the same care as a conventional glazing. Under very humid conditions, cleaning is even easier because there is no residue build-up due to condensation.
  •   Appearance : Electric heated glass has the same optical quality as standard low-e glass and does not change color when switched on. The power cables are fully hidden in the window frame and the wall. The electrodes are very unobtrusive and are almost entirely hidden once the unit is installed in the frame.
  •   Easy Decorating : Curtains and blinds can be installed on windows with heated glass. Electric heated glass eliminates the need for baseboard heaters beneath windows, making interior decorating even easier.


  Residential, commercial and institutional

  Curtain walls, greenhouses, sunrooms, stores and restaurants, hospitals, indoor pools, hot tubs, skylights, canopies, bathroom windows.

 Industrial  freezer, regrigerator,display cabinet, cake cabinet,food display cabinet,etc.